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Your Hosts: Marc & Anneke

Named after the majestic expanse of the indigenous "Sandriver Dune System", Sandriver Lodge welcomes you to experience it’s nautical feel in the paradise of St. Francis Bay.

Sandriver Lodge is centrally situated opposite the rustic village centre with all amenities, shops and restaurants.  Just a minutes walk south will lead you towards the sound of the ocean and the endless walk of beach, a minute west and you will be ‘Teeing’ off at the Golf Course.

You will be comfortably accommodated in one of our  five suites which best suits your needs and preferences: self-catering / private / family all ensuite, private entrances and secure parking.

Food at Sandriver Lodge is prepared with care, served from the heart and as imaginative as the dÈcor.  In our famous "lapa" braai area you will be treated to a 5 star dinner of local fresh fish and calamari.

For more information, please call +27 (0)42 294 1052 or email